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Summer Ready

It’s officially summer here in Melbourne! Finally 30 degree days, sunshine and beach. We’ve been doing some editing of the website to make sure our Aussie customers can shop summer easily. New styles will be uploaded each week. The Christmas period is absolutely crazy so when you’re running a small business like ours, it can get very hectic! Especially when you’re juggling a 9-5 job in between. Many thanks to our amazing buyer Sura who works like crazy to get everything to us in time! Here are some of the styles we’ve added to our summer edit. Hope you like them! ❤ Suri and Sura


Hey friends! Summer is just around the corner for us Melbournians! Sura is busy packing all the new stock to send over and summer styles will be going up online verrrry soon! In anticipation of summer, the other day I whipped out our Kelli Stripe Two Piece and wore just the skirt. It’s a super versatile two piece. Anything with stripes and I’m there! (outfit details: denim jacket – second hand, white top – staple, skirt –  stem of sky, sneakers – adidas, bag – Danielle Nicole) This particular day was pretty nice, mild weather. But my hayfever was out of control! So much as I love spring and all the flowers, I can’t wait until it’s over and I can breath again! You can purchase our Kelli Stripe Two Piece here. There’s only one left! Best fit is for a size 6 – 10. I’m a size 10 so the skirt fits fine, but the top might be a bit short on a taller girl (if you’re 170cm like me!). Xx Suri

Double Up

Hey friends! A little post on doubling up on jackets. Might seem perfectly normal to some and completely odd to others. I used to be only comfortable with wearing dress/shirt + jumper + coat. But lately I’ve become accustomed to wearing shirt + jacket + coat. Perhaps the highlight of boyfriend blazers as a must have item made it compulsory to wear it with everything? Whatever the fashionable reason, it looks pretty chic.         (outfit details: coat – stem of sky, jacket – stem of sky, denim shirt – stem of sky, jeans – du jour – shoes – midas, bag – second hand) It was a very cold day on Saturday while taking pictures in the rain. Can’t really complain though. Was pretty snug in my two jacket layering technique. Our Carrie Oversized Coat is definitely a daily essential. But a new favourite of mine is our Boyfriend Blazer; amazing quality and looks great paired with skinny jeans and dresses. Looking forward to wearing the grey linen blend option in warmer months. Xx Suri


Hey there! It’s the middle of the year and Winter is here! The weather in Melbourne has been getting colder and colder. Today wasn’t particularly cold but the wind really made it chilly. We here at stem of sky have been plugging our winter warmers for quite some time. As you know we’re obsessed with our Carrie Oversized Coat. I took it with me to New Zealand and it was perfect. But I also carried along our light weight, super warm Jina Ribbed Turtleneck – great loose fit and easy to throw on over almost everything. I’m constantly wearing this turtleneck. Back in Melbourne and I’m still wearing it. (outfit: coat and knit – stemofsky, bag – & other stories, pants – Sportscraft) I like to roll up the sleeves a little on this knit because it adds a more boxy shape. If you’re keen to stock up on some cool knits and coats, you can buy the black Carrie coat here and the Jina ribbed turtleneck here. Special thanks to Lara from alotofwhat for …

Grey and Black

Hello all! This weekend we ate at Fandango in North Melbourne (see post here). It was super yummy! The weather was warm but cold. Classic Melbourne Autumn for you. So I decided to wear our Sleeveless slit knit. Threw on our Carrie oversized coat for a bit more warmth. outfit details: coat – stem of sky, slit knit – stem of sky, shirt – Sportscraft, coated leggings – Piper, shoes – Wittner, bag – & Other Stories Here’s a little clip of the eating at Fandango and outfit shots 🙂 See you soon! Xx Suri

Boyfriend Fits

Hi Everyone! Today we’re focusing on the Boyfriend fit, double breast jacket. I love how this double breasted style jacket can be worn belted to create a more feminine silhouette, or open to emphasise structure. Decided that this form of short jacket is a must-have staple, and voila – the Min Ah Jacket gave us our fix! Autumn weather here in Melbourne, and I’m sure in a lot of other places as well, is quite tricky to dress for. I often find the mornings cold so I layer on too much and end up boiling in the afternoon! Perhaps the lack of a decent trans-seasonal jacket is my main problem. I’m currently swamped with many Winter warm jackets and not enough light weight Autumn jackets. This Min Ah Jacket solves this problem, which is why it was a major focus in our buy! If you’re interested you can purchase it here 🙂 Xx Suri


After months and months of hard work. Sura and I have finally gone live with our online store! We hope you enjoy our product! Looking forward to bringing you all some great pieces. We are dedicated to delivering high quality Korean fashion at affordable prices. In the spotlight today is our Yuri Sleeveless Slit Knit. We have had a lot of interest in this sleeveless knit since we first posted on instagram. Stock is limited so if you would like to snap it up, click here to purchase yours! Xx Suri and Sura

The buy so far

Hi everyone! It’s been a while! Holidays are well and truly over and we feel super sad. But we’ve also been really busy! If you’ve been following us on instagram (@stem_of_sky) then you’ll know about all the cool stuff we’ve been buying for the store. For all those who haven’t, here’s a little lookbook re-cap of the buy so far. Jackets and coats, knitted tunic dresses, high neck sweaters, shirt dresses, white oversized shirts, neoprene tops, herringbone mini dress – all the nice things and more! They’ll be online soon, so be sure to follow us everywhere so you don’t miss the launch! You can follow us on instagram @stem_of_sky, on Facebook and on tumblr! We’re super excited to get things up and running so stay tuned! 🙂 Xx Suri and Sura

Seoul Wholesale Markets

Today our lovely Buyer – Sura, shares with us her buying trip to a large wholesale market in Seoul! Hello from Seoul! It’s been a long time since my last post. I have been busy the past few weeks working on our new fashion business, looking for a new job and helping out with a friend’s business as well! It’s all been been so exciting!!! Last week I went with my friend to a huge wholesale market called DongDaemun, located in Seoul. There were so many stores selling both wholesale and retail. However, the majority were wholesale and only traded late at night.  The market is always filled with people – buyers, retailers, tourists and general customers from all over. I noticed recently that more Chinese buyers have come over to source Korean clothing and products. As time went on, people were getting busier and full of energy. I totally forgot the time as I walked around the market, and only felt hungry and tired when I saw that it was nearly 4:30am! So we decided to eat street food for …

Jean Paul Gaultier at the NGV

Last weekend I was able to view the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the NGV. It was amazing. Truly inspiring and definitely a must see. The amount of time that it takes to create one of his couture pieces is incredible. Well over 100 hours each! Clever use of projections, lighting and sound created an amazing atmosphere and really brought to life the clothing. I think I might visit again.. There were some cute souvenirs in the gift shop. Was very tempted to purchase the Jean Paul Gaultier teddy bear, or one of the striped umbrellas!