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Middle Earth is Glenorchy

So, when most people think of New Zealand they immediately think Lord of the Rings or sheep. Because what else is New Zealand famous for except Hobbits and sheep? On our happy holiday we drove north – all the way to the end of Lake Wakatipu. Here you find Glenorchy. A small settlement that looks like it will be overrun with Orcs at any minute.    (outfit: coat – stem of sky, scarf – miss shop, shoes – vans, jeans – dujour, beanie – glassons) It was quite late in the day so nothing was open for exploring except for the freezing cold lake. This was the day before we had snow. The clouds were very low and the mist was rolling in. The air was ice cold and I was wrapped up in a most bizarre fashion. The misty lake surrounded by snow capped mountains against a moody sunset reminded me of this scene. I think it was all the mist.

Bike riding in Queenstown

I think I’ve exhausted New Zealand to no end, but here’s some more for you! If you’re thinking about visiting Queenstown there’s a really nice track around the Frankton Arm lake which you can cycle around (Lake Wakatipu ride).  I hired bikes at Alta. Because it wasn’t peak tourist time, there was no need for a prior booking. Just walked in and asked to hire a bike for half the day. Easy! But if you’re into planning, best to book ahead for peace of mind! It was a nice easy ride. Not many uphill parts riding around the lake. You ride past large houses with million dollar views around the lakes edge. It made me want to move to New Zealand! So if you want to see the sights and burn some calories at the same time, a bike ride around Frankton Arm is a must. Xx Suri

New Zealand – Milford Sound

One of the most magical places to visit in New Zealand is Milford Sound. It’s like being in Jurassic Park! Seriously. We were lucky when we went because it was raining. You may think that’s a bad thing, but at Milford Sound they have so many waterfalls running down the mountains, that a rainy day will just make everything spectacular and guarantee the seeing of said waterfalls. It’s a pretty long drive to Milford Sound, but if you take a bus then you don’t have to worry about navigating the winding roads. The drive itself was lovely. The South Island of New Zealand has such a varied and diverse landscape. As opposed to Australia where almost everywhere you go is dead flat and brown. You can go on a 2 hour cruise which takes you around Milford Sound so you can see all the waterfalls, Sea Lions and Dolphins if you’re lucky. Didn’t see any Dolphins but did see some Sea Lions! They also take you right up close to the waterfalls. Really wanted to …

New Zealand – Franz Josef Glacier

One of the highlights of going to New Zealand is the must-do Franz Josef Glacier tour. What’s cooler than cool? Strapping on cramp-ons and exploring ice. For our tour we went with Franz Joseph Glacier Guides. It was great! Got in a helicopter and landed at the base of the glacier. Then worked our way up on foot. Some people choose to skip the helicopter and walk all the way from the ground. But you often spend a lot more time walking to the glacier then actually being on the glacier due to time constraints. Taking the helicopter option meant we had more time on the ice and weren’t rushed. We didn’t go all the way to the top because it gets progressively dangerous the closer you get to the rock walls. While we were up there we saw some rocks and ice fall away from the walls, therefore best not to get too close! The ice was also super sharp and stabby in some parts. They give you mittens, but if I had my chance …

New Zealand Lookbook

Had a super awesome time in New Zealand, travelling around the South Island. Based ourselves in Queenstown. It’s a beautiful place. Everywhere you look! I couldn’t put down the camera. If I put it down for a second it was only to take it out again! We were super lucky and it snowed! Normally doesn’t snow in May. Made everything even prettier! Super exciting! In a snapshot New Zealand was filled with beautiful scenery (which made me think of Lord of the Rings at every turn), walking around small towns, eating all the chips, seeing all the sheep, green hills, snow capped mountains, massive blue lakes (everywhere!) and general good times. Highly recommend visiting New Zealand! I’ll share some more detailed posts on what I did and where I went, but for now here are some snaps!