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Eating at: MJR TOM

Deliciousness on Smith Street – MJR TOM A great place to eat both healthy and unhealthy foods! I like cafes that are able to cater for both, as sometimes i’m not really in the mood to eat all the oil and all the fat. What makes MJR TOM great, is the fact that their healthy options are actually really yummy! Started off with the Wakey Wakey – beetroot, ginger, carrot, grapefruit, organic orange juice. SO good! Toss up between smashed avo (which i get all the time) and the Super Food Salad. Decided on Super Food Salad as can have smashed avo any time. A good choice! Kale, frisee, puffed wild rice, broccolini, roast pumpkin, walnuts, fig, goji berries and a poached egg. Very good with a really nice zesty dressing. First Super Food Salad that hasn’t been just a pile of green leafy blah. Going to try and recreate it at home! Xx Suri

Eating at: Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters

Hi friends! Another weekend, another brunch adventure. This time round I went to visit Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters (#). Just an FYI this place hasn’t ranked very well on Urban Spoon/Zomato? (whatever it is now). But I wanted to go anyway because sometimes reviews can be wrong (in this case it was kind of right :/). The outside facade of this place is pretty cool and will probably be able to capitalise on the grumpy brunch goers waiting in The Hardware Societe forever queue. The main attraction at Hash is their signature Fairy Floss Hot Chocolate. I am a huge hot chocolate fan (of late) and it has lead to me gain a couple of kilos. Nevertheless this hot chocolate was amazing and i would do it again! A fascinating concept where the fairy floss is the sugar to compliment the melted chocolate. Kind of concerning though, considering melted chocolate already has sugar in it…but whatever. It was  good fun and so delicious! I expect people are meant to drink their hot chocolate and coffees slowly; savouring …

Eating at: Little Henri

Have been exploring more of the North of Melbourne. I drive past this place all the time and finally found time to check it out! If you’re around Thornbury and you’re feeling like some particularly tasty eats, try Little Henri. Industrial vibe mixed with old world warmth. When it’s super busy the place feels really cosy with rich wooden furniture, leather seating, highlights of cool green and peeling paint feature walls. But when the crowd thins out you can appreciate the industrial vibe created by high ceilings, factory-like windows with black trims and oversized pendant lighting. I love the mix! There’s also what looked like a really nice outdoor area. Looking forward to sitting outside when the weather gets warmer again.          I had the smashed avocado with thyme buttered mushrooms, Persian feta and basil. It was amaze! Never had smashed avo with basil before. Interesting flavour. Usually I reserve basil for Pho and other Vietnamese related dishes, or salads. Have now decided to put basil on everything! The only strange thing I found about Little Henri is …

Eating at: Operator 25

Bare concrete ceilings, naked bulbs hanging everywhere you could strangle yourself by accident, ultra cool staff and most importantly delicious food and coffee. What more could a girl want when looking for a great brunch place? Meet Operator 25. I had the good fortune of trying the Spiced Chickpea Fritters – herb tahini, tomato and cucumber salsa, cottage cheese, chipotle sauce and crisp flatbread. It was super yummy! The fritters seemed more falafel-like in texture, but the herb tahini was amazing and really made the meal shine. Being a hungry type of girl who needs to have every meal be a super-heavy-filling… I did eat a lot of the sweet potato wedges. So good. Best to go early if you’re planning a weekend brunch as this places gets hectic fast! Xx Suri

Eating at: Porgie + Mr Jones

A new favourite at the moment thanks to my foodie friends – Porgie + Mr Jones. Located in Hawthorn, this eclectic cafe/restaurant is a great place to relax, catch up with friends, chat and eat a hearty meal. Very popular; it does get very busy on the weekends so I would start early. The wait on this particular day was only 20 – 30 minutes. But it was a freezing cold day! Not fun, but still worth the wait.    I had a delicious Shakshuka – 2 poached eggs, slow cooked spiced tomato, wilted greens, feta and grilled flat bread. One of my favourite dishes to eat in the morning; Porgie did not disappoint! Porgie + Mr Jones also does fancy dinners at night. So if you’re around Hawthorn looking for a satisfying brunch, or wondering where your next dinner date should be, I would highly recommend Porgie + Mr Jones.

Eating at: Fandango

Another great place for Breakfast! – Fandango If you’re looking for somewhere that has yummy foods without being too crazy different, then Fandango is the place for you. It just has delicious food. Nothing super fancy. Just really great meals in a relaxed, cosy environment. Many thumbs up! Had the delicious Beetroot eggs – two poached eggs on toast with spinach and watercress. Mushrooms on the side and amazing beetroot and feta relish. Highly recommended if you’re out and about in North Melbourne! Xx Suri

Eating at: Bowery to Williamsburg

outfit details: Coat and knit – stem of sky, jeans – Grab, bag – Country Road, shoes – Gorman Tucked away down Oliver Lane in the heart of Melbourne City is a cool American style cafe called Bowery to Williamsburg. Apart from a great selection of breakfast foods, bagels and sandwiches they also offer Mac and Cheese as a side. Even for breakfast? YES. It was great ^^ Mac and Cheese in the morning, always a good start. After such a hearty breakfast we ambled down to the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) to snoop around the free exhibitions. Always worth a visit if you’re in the city, the NGV is a beautiful space. I don’t go there as often as I should! This particular day i decided to wear our So Jin Long Grey Coat. Paired it with some destroyed light denim, a light weight knit and my Gorman peep toes. The weather was strangely cool but warm at the same time, hence the light layering. Nothing too heavy 🙂 Also made a little short …


Hello! Long time no post! Work has been particularly hectic these days so i haven’t been anywhere interesting. Just sitting around feeling very tired! However, the other day I did go to an nice place for brunch! In Melbourne, usually the good brunch places are always inner city. But I was recommended a lovely place in Templestowe called Aura. Surprise surprise! I picked something with mushrooms in it. Haha. Went for the “Mushroom Affair”. Couldn’t resist! Mushrooms, fresh spinach and haloumi on sourdough toast with pesto. Yum! Very filling! And very satisfactory 🙂 I think if i ever get tempted to eat something that’s not mushrooms it will be a strange day. Might have to try a bit harder. This is the third post about mushrooms now… Until then! Xx Suri

Jean Paul Gaultier at the NGV

Last weekend I was able to view the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the NGV. It was amazing. Truly inspiring and definitely a must see. The amount of time that it takes to create one of his couture pieces is incredible. Well over 100 hours each! Clever use of projections, lighting and sound created an amazing atmosphere and really brought to life the clothing. I think I might visit again.. There were some cute souvenirs in the gift shop. Was very tempted to purchase the Jean Paul Gaultier teddy bear, or one of the striped umbrellas!


On Melbourne Cup day I went out for a delicious brunch at Nshry in Albert Park. A lovely little place overlooking the ocean. Lots of brides like to come down this way to take wedding pictures. Great place for people watching! Watermelon breakfast juice – watermelon, lime, ginger and mint Mushroom Omelette – enoki, oyster, shitake and shimeji mushrooms with white truffle oil, spring onions and a chilli soy dressing on sour dough bread. The chilli soy dressing went well with the great mix of asian mushrooms. I always love eating at fusion restaurants/cafes because it makes you think outside of the traditional methods of cooking. And possibly just makes you think about cooking in general….which I am terrible at =__=” Super food bowl – quinoa, oats, dried fruit, fresh mango, natural yoghurt and almond milk. Super healthy and super tasty! Was tempted to get this instead but was swayed by mushrooms (as usual). This was very tasty though and apparently quite filling for something so healthy and light! Took a little wonder around St …