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Eating at: Fandango

Another great place for Breakfast! – Fandango If you’re looking for somewhere that has yummy foods without being too crazy different, then Fandango is the place for you. It just has delicious food. Nothing super fancy. Just really great meals in a relaxed, cosy environment. Many thumbs up! Had the delicious Beetroot eggs – two poached eggs on toast with spinach and watercress. Mushrooms on the side and amazing beetroot and feta relish. Highly recommended if you’re out and about in North Melbourne! Xx Suri

Eating at: Bowery to Williamsburg

outfit details: Coat and knit – stem of sky, jeans – Grab, bag – Country Road, shoes – Gorman Tucked away down Oliver Lane in the heart of Melbourne City is a cool American style cafe called Bowery to Williamsburg. Apart from a great selection of breakfast foods, bagels and sandwiches they also offer Mac and Cheese as a side. Even for breakfast? YES. It was great ^^ Mac and Cheese in the morning, always a good start. After such a hearty breakfast we ambled down to the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) to snoop around the free exhibitions. Always worth a visit if you’re in the city, the NGV is a beautiful space. I don’t go there as often as I should! This particular day i decided to wear our So Jin Long Grey Coat. Paired it with some destroyed light denim, a light weight knit and my Gorman peep toes. The weather was strangely cool but warm at the same time, hence the light layering. Nothing too heavy 🙂 Also made a little short …

Camping at Cape Liptrap

Last weekend I went camping at Cape Liptrap. I can imagine that this place goes off during the summer. But of course, my friends love to make things more interesting by going off peak. It was cold. So cold. When you’re sleeping in a tent everything sounds much worse than what it actually is. It rained and there was hail in the morning. Felt like the tent was going to blow away and a tree would crush us. Such joy. It was definitely an adventure. Camping is best to be done with friends. If you’re alone you might go crazy. But it’s always nice to just disconnect from the buzzing of life and enjoy some quiet time.      If you’re ever in Victoria, I highly recommend visiting Cape Liptrap. It’s a lovely beach. I’d like to go back again for another camping trip when it’s not freezing cold and raining…. 😛 Xx Suri

Tasmania Lookbook

Happy New Year everyone! I had the pleasure of spending my 2 week holiday back in Hobart for Christmas with family and New Years with friends. Thought I would share some pictures of my adventures. A great break spent visiting coastal towns, art museums and having so many tea and coffee breaks. If you’re ever in Australia, do make an effort to visit beautiful Tasmania. Just like Melbourne, Hobart has four seasons in one day. Sunny one minute and hailing the next! Lots of variety and amazing food. You’ll love it. Trust me 🙂 Xx Suri

Seoul Wholesale Markets

Today our lovely Buyer – Sura, shares with us her buying trip to a large wholesale market in Seoul! Hello from Seoul! It’s been a long time since my last post. I have been busy the past few weeks working on our new fashion business, looking for a new job and helping out with a friend’s business as well! It’s all been been so exciting!!! Last week I went with my friend to a huge wholesale market called DongDaemun, located in Seoul. There were so many stores selling both wholesale and retail. However, the majority were wholesale and only traded late at night.  The market is always filled with people – buyers, retailers, tourists and general customers from all over. I noticed recently that more Chinese buyers have come over to source Korean clothing and products. As time went on, people were getting busier and full of energy. I totally forgot the time as I walked around the market, and only felt hungry and tired when I saw that it was nearly 4:30am! So we decided to eat street food for …