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Eating at: Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters

Hi friends! Another weekend, another brunch adventure. This time round I went to visit Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters (#). Just an FYI this place hasn’t ranked very well on Urban Spoon/Zomato? (whatever it is now). But I wanted to go anyway because sometimes reviews can be wrong (in this case it was kind of right :/). The outside facade of this place is pretty cool and will probably be able to capitalise on the grumpy brunch goers waiting in The Hardware Societe forever queue. The main attraction at Hash is their signature Fairy Floss Hot Chocolate. I am a huge hot chocolate fan (of late) and it has lead to me gain a couple of kilos. Nevertheless this hot chocolate was amazing and i would do it again! A fascinating concept where the fairy floss is the sugar to compliment the melted chocolate. Kind of concerning though, considering melted chocolate already has sugar in it…but whatever. It was  good fun and so delicious! I expect people are meant to drink their hot chocolate and coffees slowly; savouring …

Eating at: Porgie + Mr Jones

A new favourite at the moment thanks to my foodie friends – Porgie + Mr Jones. Located in Hawthorn, this eclectic cafe/restaurant is a great place to relax, catch up with friends, chat and eat a hearty meal. Very popular; it does get very busy on the weekends so I would start early. The wait on this particular day was only 20 – 30 minutes. But it was a freezing cold day! Not fun, but still worth the wait.    I had a delicious Shakshuka – 2 poached eggs, slow cooked spiced tomato, wilted greens, feta and grilled flat bread. One of my favourite dishes to eat in the morning; Porgie did not disappoint! Porgie + Mr Jones also does fancy dinners at night. So if you’re around Hawthorn looking for a satisfying brunch, or wondering where your next dinner date should be, I would highly recommend Porgie + Mr Jones.