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Hello! If you’re a fan of beautiful classic artwork then a visit to the Hermitage exhibition at the NGV is a must! The exhibition is only open until the 8th of November though. Just managed to see it in time! “Masterpieces from the Hermitage: The Legacy of Catherine the Great showcases one of the world’s greatest art collections. Featuring works by artists including Rembrandt, Rubens, Velázquez and Van Dyck, the exhibition offers a dazzling array of works including the finest group of Dutch and Flemish art to come to Australia.” – NGV          It was really quite eye opening to see how much Catherine the Great valued art and modernising Russia during her 34 year reign. She collected art from all over the world. There was even a collection of precious jewellery and other artifacts from the Chinese Imperial Court. The whole exhibition made me want to visit Russia and see the Hermitage! Definitely a must see if you can get to it in time! Xx Suri

Beading and Art – Play Clan

Hello! The other day I had the pleasure of wandering around RMIT Gallery. If you’ve never been before, I highly recommend a visit. Free entry to see some artwork that is always inspirational. Being a University gallery, they like bringing in existential work. It’s always a pleasure to visit and get lost in thought. This particular day the gallery was featuring an exhibition called – Unfolding: New Indian Textiles. I came across Play Clan. From what I can gather they are a brand that sells clothing, home decor and stationary. The product is Indian inspired of course. A lot of colour and great prints. They presented a couple of pieces at RMIT – screen prints on cotton canvas, made with hand embroidery, featuring found objects and using traditional materials. I was wildly fascinated by the amazing embroidery and the beautiful story told in each piece. Definitely check out Play Clan. They have some really cool stuff! I thought they would also sell their artwork but I think this was a once off piece they did for the gallery. Couldn’t …

Eating at: Bowery to Williamsburg

outfit details: Coat and knit – stem of sky, jeans – Grab, bag – Country Road, shoes – Gorman Tucked away down Oliver Lane in the heart of Melbourne City is a cool American style cafe called Bowery to Williamsburg. Apart from a great selection of breakfast foods, bagels and sandwiches they also offer Mac and Cheese as a side. Even for breakfast? YES. It was great ^^ Mac and Cheese in the morning, always a good start. After such a hearty breakfast we ambled down to the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) to snoop around the free exhibitions. Always worth a visit if you’re in the city, the NGV is a beautiful space. I don’t go there as often as I should! This particular day i decided to wear our So Jin Long Grey Coat. Paired it with some destroyed light denim, a light weight knit and my Gorman peep toes. The weather was strangely cool but warm at the same time, hence the light layering. Nothing too heavy 🙂 Also made a little short …

Jean Paul Gaultier at the NGV

Last weekend I was able to view the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the NGV. It was amazing. Truly inspiring and definitely a must see. The amount of time that it takes to create one of his couture pieces is incredible. Well over 100 hours each! Clever use of projections, lighting and sound created an amazing atmosphere and really brought to life the clothing. I think I might visit again.. There were some cute souvenirs in the gift shop. Was very tempted to purchase the Jean Paul Gaultier teddy bear, or one of the striped umbrellas!