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Tokyo is a fascinating place. Busy and modern but deeply cultural at the same time. Traditional structures such as temples, are often squished in between large modern skyscrapers – small quiet places of refuge amongst the hustle and bustle.

For a city that boasts over 13 million people it’s very logical to ensure everything is organised. Everyone knows where they’re going, what they should be doing and how they should behave. Conversations are quiet. Laughter is covered politely with one hand. Everything is done in such a way as to avoid being intrusive to another. Because of this I found that Tokyo was a very pleasant place to just explore and wander.



Food in Tokyo is plentiful and good. Literally any random restaurant you walk into will have good food. The standards are high so don’t be afraid to just try any place! I still found places with some form of english menu or pictures helpful. There are also heaps of  restaurants which use vending machines to place orders. A great way to eliminate some of the language barriers. But don’t be worried if you have to mime and point at things – that’s half the fun of travelling!

If you’re a vegetarian it can be a struggle. Everything in Japan usually has some form of fish related something in it. However, there are some vegetarian and vegan restaurants popping up in Tokyo.




Food recommendations: Ain Soph (vegan – super delicious vegan eats!), literally any ramen place and Mos Burger (a true Japanese burger joint with a really nice family friendly vibe).

Things to do

There are so many things to do when you visit Tokyo. So many. Some of the fun things you can do are:

Visit Shinjuku Gyoen – One of Tokyo’s largest and most popular parks. It boasts a very cool greenhouse, a French and an English style garden. If you’re lucky and go in Cherry Blossom season (late march to early April), it would be a spectacular place to have a picnic as there are Cherry Blossom in every area.


Go to Tokyo Disney Sea – Unique to Japan alone, Tokyo Disney Sea is touted as the most beautiful Disney theme park in the world. The park is made up of several sections which are based on myths and legends of the sea. My favourite place was Mermaid Lagoon! Don’t forget to dress up when you go. Many Japanese go with friends or on couple dates which usually involve coordinated outfits. You might laugh at first, but being surrounded by matching couples and groups of friends everywhere will make you want to join in. And half the fun of Disney Land is being able to dress up! If you want to get the best experience out of Tokyo Disney Sea, I would definitely recommend getting fast passes so you can see all the rides and avoid waiting forever in queues.


Stroll through Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu) – A very impressive shrine which was built in honour of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken. The Shrine is built within a very large forested area. It has a number of lovely walking trails and several smaller gardens within the main park.


Wander through Harajuku (and buy all the things) – See all the cool things in Harajuku. Most importantly, buy all the cool things in Harajuku! Definitely a must-see, Harajuku is a quirky place for fashion and also well known for crepes.



Visit the Samurai Museum! – Super cool Samurai museum in the heart of Tokyo. Definitely worth the visit to learn about all things Samurai. The museum has a large array of really really old armour and weapons. Highly recommend going with a free tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and happily went through the history of Samurai, which was very insightful.


Be inspired by the Studio Ghibli Museum – Definitely one of my favourite places in Japan. The Studio Ghibli Museum is a must-visit if you’re a fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s films – Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service… the list goes on! There’s no photography allowed inside the museum, – only outside. But I can tell you that there are some rooms filled with sketches from the various films which will leave you with a burning desire to become an artist. Then you’ll walk outside and realise you can’t actually draw… :/


Take a day trip out to Hakone – This actually deserves a whole post to itself. Only about 30 minutes away by bullet train, Hakone is a magical place. Very pretty even in poor weather. If you’re lucky and you get a clear day you’ll be able to see Mount Fuji! Many people travel to Hakone to enjoy the hot springs and  be amongst nature. There are many lovely walking tracks and unique stores which sell special Hakone wood mosaic work. Definitely a great place to visit if you want a rest from the bustle that is Tokyo.


Tokyo should definitely be on your bucket list if it’s not already on there. So many fun things to do and see. And even though it’s such a busy city which can sometimes be quite overwhelming, it’s very easy to get away from all the bustle on day trips. Not only that, but there are many beautiful parks within the heart of Tokyo itself in which to unwind.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want further details about any of the places i visited while in Tokyo, please comment below and i’ll try my best to answer 🙂

Until next time!

Xx Suri



Summer Ready

It’s officially summer here in Melbourne! Finally 30 degree days, sunshine and beach. We’ve been doing some editing of the website to make sure our Aussie customers can shop summer easily. New styles will be uploaded each week. The Christmas period is absolutely crazy so when you’re running a small business like ours, it can get very hectic! Especially when you’re juggling a 9-5 job in between. Many thanks to our amazing buyer Sura who works like crazy to get everything to us in time!

Here are some of the styles we’ve added to our summer edit. Hope you like them!

❤ Suri and Sura

KOR0038_WHITE5KOR0039_7KOR0041_11KOR0041_13KOR0042_10KOR0042_03KOR0045_03KOR0045_01KOR0045_02KOR0047_10KOR0047_12KOR0047_02KOR0048 resort dress thumb_1KOR0048_7

Eating at: MJR TOM

Deliciousness on Smith Street – MJR TOM

A great place to eat both healthy and unhealthy foods! I like cafes that are able to cater for both, as sometimes i’m not really in the mood to eat all the oil and all the fat. What makes MJR TOM great, is the fact that their healthy options are actually really yummy!



DSCN6123 DSCN6122DSCN6139

DSCN6113 DSCN6129

Started off with the Wakey Wakey – beetroot, ginger, carrot, grapefruit, organic orange juice. SO good! Toss up between smashed avo (which i get all the time) and the Super Food Salad. Decided on Super Food Salad as can have smashed avo any time. A good choice! Kale, frisee, puffed wild rice, broccolini, roast pumpkin, walnuts, fig, goji berries and a poached egg. Very good with a really nice zesty dressing. First Super Food Salad that hasn’t been just a pile of green leafy blah. Going to try and recreate it at home!

Xx Suri



If you’re a fan of beautiful classic artwork then a visit to the Hermitage exhibition at the NGV is a must! The exhibition is only open until the 8th of November though. Just managed to see it in time!

Masterpieces from the Hermitage: The Legacy of Catherine the Great showcases one of the world’s greatest art collections. Featuring works by artists including Rembrandt, Rubens, Velázquez and Van Dyck, the exhibition offers a dazzling array of works including the finest group of Dutch and Flemish art to come to Australia.” – NGV





DSCN6191 DSCN6190 DSCN6188 DSCN6187 DSCN6186 DSCN6185 DSCN6183 DSCN6182 DSCN6180 DSCN6179 DSCN6176  DSCN6171 DSCN6167 DSCN6164  DSCN6161 DSCN6160 DSCN6158 DSCN6157 DSCN6155 DSCN6154 DSCN6153 DSCN6152   DSCN6141

It was really quite eye opening to see how much Catherine the Great valued art and modernising Russia during her 34 year reign. She collected art from all over the world. There was even a collection of precious jewellery and other artifacts from the Chinese Imperial Court. The whole exhibition made me want to visit Russia and see the Hermitage! Definitely a must see if you can get to it in time!

Xx Suri


Hey friends!

Summer is just around the corner for us Melbournians! Sura is busy packing all the new stock to send over and summer styles will be going up online verrrry soon!

In anticipation of summer, the other day I whipped out our Kelli Stripe Two Piece and wore just the skirt. It’s a super versatile two piece. Anything with stripes and I’m there!









(outfit details: denim jacket – second hand, white top – staple, skirt –  stem of sky, sneakers – adidas, bag – Danielle Nicole)

This particular day was pretty nice, mild weather. But my hayfever was out of control! So much as I love spring and all the flowers, I can’t wait until it’s over and I can breath again!

You can purchase our Kelli Stripe Two Piece here. There’s only one left! Best fit is for a size 6 – 10. I’m a size 10 so the skirt fits fine, but the top might be a bit short on a taller girl (if you’re 170cm like me!).

Xx Suri

Eating at: Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters

Hi friends! Another weekend, another brunch adventure. This time round I went to visit Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters (#).

Just an FYI this place hasn’t ranked very well on Urban Spoon/Zomato? (whatever it is now). But I wanted to go anyway because sometimes reviews can be wrong (in this case it was kind of right :/). The outside facade of this place is pretty cool and will probably be able to capitalise on the grumpy brunch goers waiting in The Hardware Societe forever queue.



The main attraction at Hash is their signature Fairy Floss Hot Chocolate. I am a huge hot chocolate fan (of late) and it has lead to me gain a couple of kilos. Nevertheless this hot chocolate was amazing and i would do it again!




A fascinating concept where the fairy floss is the sugar to compliment the melted chocolate. Kind of concerning though, considering melted chocolate already has sugar in it…but whatever. It was  good fun and so delicious! I expect people are meant to drink their hot chocolate and coffees slowly; savouring the taste. I am like a vacuum; inhaling it within 10 minutes.  Yum!



While the hot chocolate was amazing, I couldn’t really say the same for the food. Probs should have gone with another signature dish but i decided to make my own – scrambled eggs, roasted mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, hash brown and tomato and zuchinni relish. Classic kind of meal which you can’t stuff up too badly. But it was just so… blah. I don’t know how else to describe it. Lack lustre? …bland maybe? I still ate everything though… i mean it’s food and i like to eat the food. But I ate it and felt no “ooh” moments. No “that’s nice” thoughts. I was just blank. Hence my “blah” description.

I’m sure the other dishes on the menu were good. I think my friends were happy with the salmon something. I’m definitely not writing this place off. I mean, if they have a fairy floss hot chocolate, surely there is another breakfast on there that will make me happy! Maybe the Leek and Cheddar Croquettes?

Xx Suri

Eating at: Little Henri

Have been exploring more of the North of Melbourne. I drive past this place all the time and finally found time to check it out! If you’re around Thornbury and you’re feeling like some particularly tasty eats, try Little Henri.

Industrial vibe mixed with old world warmth. When it’s super busy the place feels really cosy with rich wooden furniture, leather seating, highlights of cool green and peeling paint feature walls. But when the crowd thins out you can appreciate the industrial vibe created by high ceilings, factory-like windows with black trims and oversized pendant lighting. I love the mix! There’s also what looked like a really nice outdoor area. Looking forward to sitting outside when the weather gets warmer again.DSC_0724


DSC_0692    DSC_0699   DSC_0707   DSC_0716

DSC_0694DSC_0717 DSC_0721


I had the smashed avocado with thyme buttered mushrooms, Persian feta and basil. It was amaze! Never had smashed avo with basil before. Interesting flavour. Usually I reserve basil for Pho and other Vietnamese related dishes, or salads. Have now decided to put basil on everything!

The only strange thing I found about Little Henri is that it’s “cash only”. So remember to carry cash, because if you’re anything like me you’ll be first, frantically trying to recall if you have any cash and then secondly, begin rummaging through your bag looking for crumpled $5 notes while everyone just watches and waits… and waits…. and waits. So… carry some cash.

Xx Suri

Eating at: Operator 25

Bare concrete ceilings, naked bulbs hanging everywhere you could strangle yourself by accident, ultra cool staff and most importantly delicious food and coffee. What more could a girl want when looking for a great brunch place? Meet Operator 25. DSCN5996 DSCN5995 DSCN6006 DSCN6003 DSCN6010DSCN6000 DSCN5998

I had the good fortune of trying the Spiced Chickpea Fritters – herb tahini, tomato and cucumber salsa, cottage cheese, chipotle sauce and crisp flatbread. It was super yummy! The fritters seemed more falafel-like in texture, but the herb tahini was amazing and really made the meal shine. Being a hungry type of girl who needs to have every meal be a super-heavy-filling… I did eat a lot of the sweet potato wedges. So good.

Best to go early if you’re planning a weekend brunch as this places gets hectic fast!

Xx Suri

Double Up

Hey friends! A little post on doubling up on jackets. Might seem perfectly normal to some and completely odd to others. I used to be only comfortable with wearing dress/shirt + jumper + coat. But lately I’ve become accustomed to wearing shirt + jacket + coat. Perhaps the highlight of boyfriend blazers as a must have item made it compulsory to wear it with everything? Whatever the fashionable reason, it looks pretty chic.

DSC_0725  DSC_0736  DSC_0738 DSC_0747 DSC_0776

DSC_0726DSC_0777 DSC_0779 DSC_0791 DSC_0803  DSC_0730

(outfit details: coat – stem of sky, jacket – stem of sky, denim shirt – stem of sky, jeans – du jour – shoes – midas, bag – second hand)

It was a very cold day on Saturday while taking pictures in the rain. Can’t really complain though. Was pretty snug in my two jacket layering technique. Our Carrie Oversized Coat is definitely a daily essential. But a new favourite of mine is our Boyfriend Blazer; amazing quality and looks great paired with skinny jeans and dresses. Looking forward to wearing the grey linen blend option in warmer months.

Xx Suri