stem of sky was founded on the principles of style, quality and affordability. We want to bring customers the best of stylish Korean made clothing without breaking the bank. More importantly, we want to be able to give back to the community as our business grows.

At stem of sky we aim to support ethical, fair trade production. Achieving this can be done by supporting the generation of the future one order at a time! Therefore, for every item we sell, we contribute $1 to the Cambodian Kids Foundation.

Why Cambodia?

Cambodia is one of the major economies in garment manufacturing. In 2014 the garment industry in Cambodia employed over 700,000 workers and turned over $5 billion in apparel and footwear exports. Unfortunately the industry is not well regulated which leads to unfair wages, poor working conditions and ill treatment of workers. The majority of the workers are women who work ridiculous hours to earn meager wages to support their families. A lot of mass market ‘disposable’ fashion is produced in Cambodia because it is cheap. This means big companies maintain their profit margins and consumers can shop at competitive prices, but at the expense of others.

Photo: fashionmag.com via AFP

stem of sky supports the Cambodian Kids Foundation – a non political, non religious, not for profit organisation that is focused on building a better future for Cambodia. They do this through the education of Cambodia’s young generation to ensure sustainability and success. They also work on a number of projects, including Women’s Empowerment and Health – a project that aims to empower strong women, battle poverty and create positive changes in their communities.

The Future

Our company mission is to be able to one day effect greater change in the garment industry; through the production of our own fairtrade product. In the meantime, we will continue to provide quality Korean made products. We try our best to source from well established Korean based manufacturers. On the odd occasion that an item is not made within Korea, such as accessories, it will be advised in the product description.

By shopping with us at stem of sky you can be assured that $1 from every item we sell will be donated to the Cambodian Kids Foundation to build a brighter future for the people of Cambodia and to aid in the fight against poverty. We’re working towards changing the fashion industry; one sale at a time!

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