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Middle Earth is Glenorchy

So, when most people think of New Zealand they immediately think Lord of the Rings or sheep. Because what else is New Zealand famous for except Hobbits and sheep?

On our happy holiday we drove north – all the way to the end of Lake Wakatipu. Here you find Glenorchy. A small settlement that looks like it will be overrun with Orcs at any minute.

DSCN5637 DSCN5639

DSCN5646DSCN5640 DSCN5645  DSCN5651

(outfit: coat – stem of sky, scarf – miss shop, shoes – vans, jeans – dujour, beanie – glassons)

It was quite late in the day so nothing was open for exploring except for the freezing cold lake. This was the day before we had snow. The clouds were very low and the mist was rolling in. The air was ice cold and I was wrapped up in a most bizarre fashion.

The misty lake surrounded by snow capped mountains against a moody sunset reminded me of this scene.

I think it was all the mist.


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