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Relaxing in Old Phuket Town

“Old Phuket Town” is a lovely and impressive place to be. Perhaps it is not as touristy as Patong Beach and even can be boring (if you prefer uproarious and lively atmosphere) but still has lots of things to explore!


When I was walking along the streets, every single scene was very inspiring to me. Somehow, the colourful doors in the old buildings and the various tiles on the ground look gorgeous and they blend together. It has its own peculiarities.


After an hour of walking, one cafe came into sight. The props inside and outside of the cafe make the marine theme look more intense.

IMG_5261 IMG_5260


IMG_5314 IMG_5315

And their menus are nicer!! I ordered an watermelon shake and mango ice flake with mango syrup. The presentation was very tropical and the taste was amazing!



The mango ice flake was the best. really delicious~!!!! If you plan to visit “Old Phuket Town”, it is worth trying!!

Xx Sura

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