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The Liebster Award


Exciting news! Our little stem of sky blog has been nominated for The Liebster Award by lovely Amara (aka Mars) from Call Me Mars. She has a brilliant and very insightful blog. We love her writing! Definitely check her out 🙂

If you’ve never heard of The Liebster Award (we didn’t know about it!), it’s an award that celebrates bloggers who have less than 200 followers – a great way to shed some light on new blogs! If you get nominated you then have to spread the love!


1) Thank and link the person that nominated you. (so much thanks to Amara!)

2) Answer the 11 questions asked by the person that nominated you.

3) Nominate 5-10 blogs with under 200 followers and link them.

4) Create 11 new questions for the people you nominate to answer.

5) Notify your nominees via social media.


1) What is your blog about?

stem of sky is a fun blog that aims to share some insight into our (Sura and Suri’s) daily lives. The blog is shared between both of us. Sura lives in Seoul and I (Suri) live in Melbourne. We met at University when we were both studying Fashion Merchandising in Melbourne. After graduating and working in the Fashion industry we both shared the goal of creating something to call our own one day. That’s when stem of sky was created. We sell quality Korean made clothing and this blog is our creative outlet for sharing what goes on in our daily lives – mostly food, fashion, beauty and travel!

2) What’s something that makes you smile?

Suri: my family and working on stem of sky!

Sura: Recently feel really happy when I’m doing something for stem of sky, especially buying new products, which is the best part! I get inspired from all the experiences in the market and by the energy of all the people there; suppliers and other buyers. They work hard both by day and by night, this enlivens and invigorates me.

3) What is one of your unique talents?

Suri: I’ll be honest. I’m not particularly talented! The only thing I have is maybe being able to remember movie lines word for word, even if i’ve only seen it once. Something about seeing a scene played out in its entirety with music and actions helps me to remember detail really well. Now if only i applied this to my studies somehow… hmm

Sura: Hard to tell what my talent is. Perhaps sense of design and art gained from experiences when I was at university in Seoul and Melbourne. Also, during my childhood when I began to learn drawing. This sense of design and art helps me make better decisions, whenever Suri and I have to handle design work for stem of sky.

4) If the sky’s the limit, what would you like to do next?

Suri: At the moment, stem of sky takes up all my time! But as the business expands I’d like to be able to give back one day through working with community groups, charities and other not for profits. I’m always conscious of the need to give back to the community and to help others. My ultimate personal goal would be to create a not-for-profit.

Sura: I want to work for our business but in a better way than what we are now. Getting an office and better delivery system, showing more styles and hiring employees are what I’m aiming for right now!

5) What is a piece of advice you would like to share?

Suri: Never allow someone to look down on you and make you feel small. You have everything you need to be, or to continue to be, an amazing person.

Sura: Let bygones be bygones. And be positive!! Whatever you’ve done so far, keep looking far ahead and do what you want to do with confidence. 🙂 

6) What is your dream job?

Suri: Working on stem of sky is my dream job!

Sura: I’m pleased with my job, but still eager to work as a designer. It will be a wonderful thing when I have products of my own design and the products satisfy consumers.

7) What is the most listened to song on your playlist?

Suri: at the moment i keep listening to “Foolish” by Alpine. It’s on repeat. I’m pretty sure i’ve contributed to their additional 200 youtube views today alone! I’m also obsessed with a K-pop group called Red Velvet. Watch the video clip “Automatic”. It’s beautiful!

Sura: For me, absolutely Kpop. In addition to well-known Kpop artists like Psy, Big Bang and Girls Generation, we have many talented artists. I’m into a song “shine your light” by a Korean singer, Park hyo shin

8) What do you do, when you’re feeling uninspired?

Suri: When I feel blank I take a break and watch Kpop videos! I know it sounds strange, but i get a lot of inspiration from seeing amazing visuals and Kpop definitely has that! The other alternative is going for a walk and breathing some fresh air. Helps you think ;P

Sura:  I’m usually out when I feel uninspired. Carefree outfits of people everywhere provide great inspiration. 

9) What is your favorite day in your life so far?

Suri: Hmmm…I don’t want to be generic, but I’d have to say the day I got engaged. It was a total surprise because I thought I knew everything and wouldn’t be surprised. But my fiancé got me good! It was a lovely day riding around the gardens of Versailles. So, this is my favourite date… this and winning an award with Sura in our final year of Fashion! Oh, and opening stem of sky of course! My heart was racing. I couldn’t even breathe haha.

Sura: the opening day of stem of sky!! Lol

10) Who is someone you look up to (real or fictional)?

Suri: My mother is someone I look up to. She will always pull me back in line and I have so much respect for her. I would be nothing without her.

Sura: Hm…. anyone who tries hard to achieve their dreams??

11) What is your philosophy on life, love and happiness?

Suri: Whatever happens, happens. Life is what you make of it. Love will come to you when you least expect it. The moment you stop caring so much is the moment someone great walks into your life. Happiness is something we should all strive for, but it isn’t achieved through money or fame. I believe happiness comes from within and it’s a constant struggle to be content with what you have. But it’s definitely doable! 

Sura: My philosophy of life and love is effort. Life and love can never be constant. If I do my best, there will be no regret at least.

Thanks for reading! 5 blogs we’d like to nominate are as follows:

Anna from Do What You Love

Chantal Cho from Chantal Cho

Charmaine from Charmaine Black

Maria from The Uncensored Fashionista 

Lara from a lot of what

Questions to answer!

1) What is your blog about?
2) What’s something that makes you smile?
3) Where would you like to travel to next?
4) If the sky’s the limit, what would you like to do next?
5) What is a piece of advice you would like to share?
6) What is your dream job?
7) What is your favourite song right now?
8) What do you do, when you’re feeling uninspired?
9) If you could buy anything, what would it be?
10) Who is someone you look up to (real or fictional)?
11) What is your philosophy on life, love and happiness?

Looking forward to reading your answers! 🙂

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Two friends in Fashion. Melbourne to Seoul. We sell quality Korean made clothing. Welcome to our blog! Here we share what we get up to :) www.stemofsky.com


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