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Camping at Cape Liptrap

Last weekend I went camping at Cape Liptrap.

I can imagine that this place goes off during the summer. But of course, my friends love to make things more interesting by going off peak.

It was cold. So cold.

When you’re sleeping in a tent everything sounds much worse than what it actually is. It rained and there was hail in the morning. Felt like the tent was going to blow away and a tree would crush us. Such joy. It was definitely an adventure.

Camping is best to be done with friends. If you’re alone you might go crazy. But it’s always nice to just disconnect from the buzzing of life and enjoy some quiet time.

DSCN4921DSCN4927  DSCN4941DSCN4930  DSCN4949 DSCN4964 DSCN4982

If you’re ever in Victoria, I highly recommend visiting Cape Liptrap. It’s a lovely beach. I’d like to go back again for another camping trip when it’s not freezing cold and raining…. 😛

Xx Suri


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