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Boyfriend Fits

Hi Everyone! Today we’re focusing on the Boyfriend fit, double breast jacket.



I love how this double breasted style jacket can be worn belted to create a more feminine silhouette, or open to emphasise structure. Decided that this form of short jacket is a must-have staple, and voila – the Min Ah Jacket gave us our fix!




Autumn weather here in Melbourne, and I’m sure in a lot of other places as well, is quite tricky to dress for. I often find the mornings cold so I layer on too much and end up boiling in the afternoon! Perhaps the lack of a decent trans-seasonal jacket is my main problem. I’m currently swamped with many Winter warm jackets and not enough light weight Autumn jackets. This Min Ah Jacket solves this problem, which is why it was a major focus in our buy!

If you’re interested you can purchase it here


Xx Suri



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