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The buy so far

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while! Holidays are well and truly over and we feel super sad. But we’ve also been really busy!

If you’ve been following us on instagram (@stem_of_sky) then you’ll know about all the cool stuff we’ve been buying for the store. For all those who haven’t, here’s a little lookbook re-cap of the buy so far.

wpid-wp-1421059787086.png wpid-wp-1421067933370.png wpid-wp-1421068017887.png wpid-wp-1421068792740.png wpid-wp-1421068858164.png wpid-wp-1421090164669.png wpid-wp-1421090273546.png wpid-wp-1421090273541.png wpid-wp-1421090273544.png wpid-wp-1421090273547.png wpid-wp-1421498298667.png wpid-wp-1421498298674.png wpid-wp-1421498298649.png wpid-wp-1421498298753.png wpid-wp-1421498298767.png


Jackets and coats, knitted tunic dresses, high neck sweaters, shirt dresses, white oversized shirts, neoprene tops, herringbone mini dress – all the nice things and more! They’ll be online soon, so be sure to follow us everywhere so you don’t miss the launch!

You can follow us on instagram @stem_of_sky, on Facebook and on tumblr!

We’re super excited to get things up and running so stay tuned! 🙂

Xx Suri and Sura



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