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Greetings from Seoul!

Time Flies!!!!

This Friday, the last day of October, I went out for Brunch with my uni friend. We decided to head to Cafe ABLE, a well-known Organic Brunch cafe in Garosu-gil – a popular street in Seoul lined with cafes, restaurants and fashion shops. Of course, we enjoyed a bit of shopping before brunch.

ABLE offers an extensive brunch and dessert menu under the slogan, “Farm To Table, Fresh To Go”.

able2 copy




As we got there early and the place is big enough to accommodate many people, we were seated right away.

For myself, I ordered the Frittata with sour cream and two thin slices of whole wheat bread. The beautiful frittata with fresh veggies and packed full of protein was a perfect option for a nutritious brunch. What I also liked about this menu was the Blue Berry Jam – whole blue berries floating in syrup to accompany the whole wheat bread.

My Friend ordered the Shrimp Cream Pasta and the Green grape juice.



As the cafe is famous for additive-free juice, the juice we ordered was very fresh and delicious.

To be honest, though, I prefer the Frittata because the pasta was a little too creamy and thick. So it tasted more like soup rather than pasta!

But if you like thick and rich flavoured creamy pasta, visit and try this menu!! If you require further information about ABLE, holistic has a great review and offers directions on how to get there.

Xx Sura


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