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Brunching at Tall Timber

Hello from Melbourne!

Went out to try a new-ish cafe in Prahran this morning – Tall Timber. The weather is very weird here. Sunny one minute then raining the next! Felt a bit dumb with my scarf when it was sunny, then felt quite relieved when it suddenly started bucketing down with rain. Hooray for being prepared!

Braved the cold and a 30 minute wait for some good mushrooms!






Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately? I am not a massive foodie. I just know a good mushroom. Let me tell you, this goats cheese covered mushroom was le incredible. Also, it came with some form of nice balsamic glaze of sorts. Also, super healthy with its quinoa toast.

So if you’re into mushrooms and generally healthy breakfasts, Tall Timber is for you.

Xx Suri



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